💡Key Features

TheStandard.io is pioneering the DeFi borrowing landscape with a suite of features designed to empower users and enhance their financial flexibility. Below are the key features that set TheStandard.io apart:

Portfolio Collateralization

  • Diverse Assets as Collateral: Users can lock up a portfolio of different assets, not just one, including WBTC, ETH, ARB, LINK, PAXG, and more, with new assets being added regularly. This flexibility allows users to leverage a broader range of their investments for borrowing.

  • Only 110% Collateral Needed: The smart contract calculates the combined value of all assets a user adds as collateral, requiring only 110% collateralization. This efficient use of assets optimizes borrowing power.

Flexible Borrowing Options

  • Borrowing EUROs and Upcoming USDs Smart Vaults: Users can choose which currency they'd like to borrow against their collateral. While currently available for EUROs, USDs smart vaults are on the horizon, expanding borrowing options for users worldwide.

Locked Collateral Trading

  • Unique Trading Feature: TheStandard.io is the only borrowing protocol that allows users to trade locked collateral for different assets directly within the platform. This capability enables borrowers to adapt to market conditions, potentially improving their collateral's performance. The protocol integrates with UNISWAP (and its Arbitrum version for users on that network) for seamless trading.

Smart Vault NFTs

  • NFTs as Smart Vault Keys: Creating a smart vault automatically mints a dynamic NFT, acting as the key to the vault. This NFT can be sold or transferred, transferring control of the collateral and debt. This feature provides a novel way to manage liquidity, security, and ownership.

Yield Accounts

  • Earning from Borrowing Activity: Users can stake TST and EUROs in yield accounts to earn from minting fees collected platform-wide. Additionally, they automatically purchase cryptocurrencies from liquidated smart vaults and trading fees at a 9.91% discount, using EUROs from their yield accounts.

Auto Pay Back Feature (Coming Soon)

  • Smart Debt Management: A forthcoming feature will allow smart vaults to monitor the price of EUROs. If the price drops below a certain threshold, the smart vault can automatically use collateral to buy EUROs at a discount to reduce or clear the debt. This mechanism benefits the user by reducing their debt cheaper and supports the stablecoin's stability by adding buying pressure.

Decentralized Front Ends (Coming Soon)

  • Empowering Community Development: In the near future, TheStandard.io will release a free SDK along with React components, enabling anyone to develop and deploy their own front-end interfaces for the platform. This initiative aims to foster innovation and customization within the DeFi borrowing ecosystem.

  • Monetization Opportunities: Builders creating their own white-label interfaces will have the opportunity to add a fee mechanism. This fee will serve as a revenue stream, rewarding them each time users mint debt through their customized interface. This feature not only democratizes the development of DeFi borrowing solutions but also incentivizes community contributions to TheStandard.io's ecosystem.

By introducing decentralized front ends and providing the tools necessary for community-led development, TheStandard.io is paving the way for a more inclusive, customizable, and user-centric DeFi borrowing platform. This approach ensures that TheStandard.io remains at the forefront of innovation, catering to a diverse range of user needs and preferences.

These features underscore TheStandard.io's commitment to innovation in the DeFi borrowing space, offering users unprecedented control, flexibility, and opportunities to optimize their financial strategies.

Feature request?: For any feature requests please post them in the Discord and let's discuss it. If enough of the DAO want it then the DAO will place resources on it to make it happen.

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