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Add TST and EUROs to your web3 wallet

If you are using Metamask, we recommend using the add tokens links on the top menu bar or footer of This will automatically add the coins and their logos to matemask.

If you need to add them manually, here are the addresses for ARBITRUM ONE.

TST contract address on Arbitrum: 0xf5A27E55C748bCDdBfeA5477CB9Ae924f0f7fd2e

EUROs contract address on Arbitrum: 0x643b34980e635719c15a2d4ce69571a258f940e9

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TheStandard DAO Governance

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ERC20 Listings & Contracts

TST Coingecko Listing:

EUROs Coingecko Listing:

TST CMC Listing:

EUROs CMC Listing:

Mainnet ERC20 Contract Addresses:

TST on Arbitrum One Network: (THIS IS WHERE WE ARE CURRENTLY DEPLOYED) 0xf5A27E55C748bCDdBfeA5477CB9Ae924f0f7fd2e

TST on ETH Mainnet: 0xa0b93b9e90ab887e53f9fb8728c009746e989b53

TST on Polygon (MATIC) network: 0xe342ebb6a56cd3dbf0fe01a447fe367b9290ecf8

EUROs ETH Mainnet: 0xb399511642FE1666c6a07f83483e6E4feAed9A00

EUROs Arbitrum Mainnet: 0x643b34980e635719c15a2d4ce69571a258f940e9

WBTC Arbitrum Mainnet: 0x2f2a2543b76a4166549f7aab2e75bef0aefc5b0f

LINK Arbitrum Mainnet: 0xf97f4df75117a78c1a5a0dbb814af92458539fb4

ARB Arbitrum Mainnet: 0x912ce59144191c1204e64559fe8253a0e49e6548

PAXG Arbitrum Mainnet: 0xfEb4DfC8C4Cf7Ed305bb08065D08eC6ee6728429

Bonus links

TheStandard Smart vault URL: Bridge EUROs and TST: Arbitrums native bridge:

Smart Vault Walkthrough tutorial: Add liquidity to EUROs/USDC.e LP: (edited)

TST logo

EUROs logo

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